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Why Online Presence ?

online presence

We are always adjusting and adapting to new search engine updates and best practices so that we can keep helping our clients see positive results. In fact, the fundamentals may be the only things that have remained constant

Our research and development ensure that we are always ahead of the curve, allowing us to provide quality services to our clients.

At Zfactory.tech, our main goal is to help business experience the online success they deserve.


Having a quality website is critical to success in the online world. Your website is where your potential customers can be converted into real deal; and the social media efforts, search results, and online ads aimed to get customers and potential customers to your website. If you already have a website, ask yourself if your website is user-centred and effective ones. If not, YOU HAVE TO create one.

At Zfactory.tech, we build for you a strong effective website as a center of your online presence, and we ensure that your social media outreach, search engine results and online advertising geared toward directing quality traffic to your website.

In order to accomplish this, we offer Customized & Pre-Designed responsive themes accompanied with a set of Plugins that make your website SEO & mobile friendly, with the possibility of integrating E-Commerce solution easily.

Our experts will help you to prepare a content to your website in a variety of forms from page text to infographics and videos.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Domain Registration

Your Domain name is your identity in the online business. We help you to select, register and maintain a relevant, short, simple, and effective domain name.

Web Hosting

In order to keep your website up and running, we offer a hosting platform that meet your requirements starting from a startup hosting plan for starters to an advanced dedicated hosting server for Enterprise business & mature websites.

Online/Onsite Support

As a technology provider, we offer flexible Online support packages to suit you & your business in a an annual contract.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO has been the lifeblood of being found through search engine searches for well over a decade and it will continue to be important for years to come. Our SEO Service will make sure that your website is following specific, best practices so that Google and other search engines can see and rank your website. The Power of a good SEO campaign is unbeatable, but it is very competitive and faced paced environment, and definitely is not a “one and done” process.

At Zfactory.teh we offer our expertise to maintain the consistent effort needed to accelerate your ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages starting by establishing an SEO Strategy, optimizing your website, and promoted online.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is an online marketing efforts to place your paid ads with your website information in specific locations, including above or next to search engine results. With SEM you can see the placement of your listing almost immediately but maintaining that placement requires upkeep and a constant infusion of money and effort.

At Zfactory.tech we can make your paid online marketing efforts a success by providing Cohesive Campaigns, Relevant Ad Placement, and good understanding your Ad Rank and Ad Position to manage your bid, qualify your score and maximize the impact of the Ad formats

Social Media Marketing

Good word of mouth can bring in new potential customers and bad word of mouth can scare them. We help you to post your content in strategic ways that will help you engage your audience and improve your social media presence by helping you in the implementation of the SMM best practices starting by Creating a Great Resources, Preparing your website for Social Media Sharing, engage and listen carefully to your audience..

Why Online Platforms ?

online presence

Online platforms play a central role in the online world and hence in social and economic life. They enable consumers to find online information and they allow businesses to exploit the advantages offered by e-commerce and the digital world.

Online platforms lead the list of the most accessed websites in the world2, with search engines, social media and e-commerce as the most visited types of platforms. The growth and importance of online platforms have been widely recognised, and their role in society has been the subject of in-depth assessments by regulators across the world.

We Build Platforms

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Business Models

Social & Content Platforms

We build your Social & Content platform which facilitate the social interactions between your stakeholders offer as a layer of "private" and/or "professional" web-based networking services which enable users to connect, share, communicate and express themselves for "free", or under a "freemium" model supporting advertising features.

Online Service Platforms

We help to reduce your operational cost and expend your market by creating a virtual space for you to offer scalable & efficient business services to your clients in a subscription/or dedicated model hosted on a single platform on which direct communication between you and your clients.

Why Smart Office ?

Smart Office

Everything you need in one package. G Suite is an integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps powered by Google AI. Includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more makes working together a whole lot easier.

Z-Suite is another package offered to you as an individual, a group of people, and even a business firm to help you manage your project execution & your daily day operations.

Have G-suite as a platform to your daily work operation is must, having Z-Suite a platform for project execution is efficient, and having both of them integrated is all you need to work in a smart enviorement.



Reach your colleagues wherever they are.


Everything you need to bring your project to life.


Store files and find what you need instantly.


Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.



everything that needs to be done, and knows, at a glance, when each activity needs to be completed in a project.


With Z-Calendar you can have your daily planned activity organized for personal reference or shared with your team to minimize the confusion or back-and-forth communication.


Z-TodoList will give you posibiliity of having all of the things you need to do within a given period, priotirized and share theme with the rest of the team effectively.


Z-Mailer will offer you the tools to implement a highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects & customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Why Internet Citizenship ?

Internet Citizenship

We want you to have a safe and exciting web browsing where you can be creative, express yourself and belong. Internet Citizens is a set of courses designed to teach people about media literacy, critical thinking and digital citizenship, to encourage them to have a positive voice online.

The programme provides a strong foundation, empowering them with the confidence to become producers of online content, where they can express their identities, share their stories, make a social impact, and bring communities together.

Why Digital Transformation ?

Digital Transformation

Each business has its own way to implement innovations. But all of them face the same challenge — digital transformation. It is a complex process which requires serious investment and comes with risks.

To move toward a digital future, we help companies to have a clear vision with an elaborate strategy for digital transformation. The sound strategy based on in-depth analysis can help predict possible risks, calculate the budget of such enhancement and ensure desired results.

Why Cloud Solutions ?

online presence

Your business's most challenging security scenarios are protected by the same secure-by-design infrastructure, global network, and built-in safeguards that Google uses to protect information, identities, applications, and devices .

Easy-to-use artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are embedded in our core solutions and infrastructure, making them accessible and easily deployed across the enterprise.

Google love to innovate, and we help you to do the same using google products and technology advances embed and integrate with Google Cloud.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Servers

High-Performance, Scalable VMs

From virtual machines with proven price/performance advantages to a fully managed app development platform.

Cloud Storage

Storage solutions for any workload

Unified object storage for developers and enterprises. A scalable, resilient, high performance object storage and databases for your applications.

Cloud SQL

Fully managed relational database services

Cloud SQL is a fully-managed database service that makes it easy to set up, maintain, manage, and administer your relational databases on Google Cloud Platform.

Big Data

Efficiently capture, process, and analyze data with Google Cloud

Fully managed data warehousing, batch and stream processing, data exploration, Hadoop/Spark, and reliable messaging.

Cloud Monitor

Integrated monitoring, logging & diagnostics

Monitoring, logging, and diagnostics and more, all in an easy to use web management console or mobile app.

Cloud Network

A global fiber network, connecting you to the world

State-of-the-art software-defined networking products on Google’s private fiber network. Tools that make it easy to manage and scale your networks.